At Complete Car Care Center, Boca Raton, our oil change and 21 point inspection includes the following:


oil change discount boca raton1. Check engine oil & filter.

2. Inspect wiper inserts.

3. Check air filter.

4. Inspect P.C.V.

5. Check transmission fluid level & condition.

6. Inspect belts for cracking, fraying & wear.

7. Check engine coolant level & condition. (ruster, weak)

8. Inspect condition of radiator hoses & heater hoses.

9. Inspect for coolant leaks, radiator, surge tank & water pump.

10. Inspect windsheild washer operation & fluid level.

11. Test operation of turn signals, brake lights, headlights & taillights.

12. Check brake pedal for proper travel.

13. Inspect operation of air conditioning & heating system.

14. Inspect brake pads & shoes for wear and/or contamination.

15. Inspect brake hydraulic system. (master cylinder level & signs of leakage)

16. Test emergency brake adjustment.

17. Inspect C.V. boots. (front wheel drive cars)

18. Visual check of shock absorbers/struts.

19. Inspect condition of exhaust system.

20. Visually inspect undercarriage/check for signs of leakage/damage.

21. Inspect tires for proper inflation & wear patterns.

22. Visually inspect gas tank for leaks.

23. Visually inspect oil pan for leaks.

24. Check battery.